The Open Source RMM
to beat them all

NetLock RMM is a full-featured RMM alternative for self-hosting with minimal configuration. With support for multiple clients, multiple languages and even more powerful features such as a antivirus management system.

RMM X Cyber Security

What makes NetLock RMM special?

We do & love Open Source

As we want to be as transparent as possible, we have decided that NetLock RMM will be open source. Our development & operations team is based in germany. 

Building a strong community

NetLock RMM is designed to bring together IT service providers from all over the world. Together we form a strong and helpful community.

Multi-Tenancy & Multilingual

NetLock RMM's multi-tenancy system allows you to manage any number of customers simultaneously within one installation. Available in different languages.  

Cyber Security is our DNA

NetLock started out as an IT security solution. Accordingly, we will develop several functions that will massively increase the IT security of your customers.


Still developing the first version

Our GitHub repositories will be made publicly accessible on 01.07.2024.
We may release them earlier, that's just our self-defined date.
We are still actively working on the first version of NetLock RMM.

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Who we work with
Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit
Alliance for cyber security
Digital Hub
Flonix Ltd
Flonix Limited


Development of the open source version started in January 2024.

Official Release

The release is planned for May or June 2024. The date could be postponed depending on the development status.

Operation Clean Code

After the release, we will first fix bugs and optimize the code.

Your feedback matters

We evaluate your feedback and then take care of fine tuning to improve the user experience.

Application Control

Application control allows you to define exactly which applications may be executed on your devices in four simple steps. You can define actions for unauthorized applications and thus prevent them from running.

Device Control

The hidden dangers of unknown devices revealed! Data leaks, domestic malware, unexpected permission shifts - with unknown devices come a host of risks. But our advanced device control is ready to take your security to the next level.

Automatic Incident Response

If your business comes to a standstill, damage running into millions can occur. NetLock RMM supports you in automatically isolating affected systems.

Vulnerability Scanner

Will allow you to check all executed processes for known security vulnerabilities. It will also be possible to run scan jobs.

Support Mode

A unique support mode gives you the opportunity to stay in close contact with your customers. Yes. We connect your customer machines to your helpdesk. Fully customizable to your company's design.

A lot more to come

That's not all. Many more functions are coming. Stay tuned!

More Benefits of NetLock RMM

Fully featured open source RMM

NetLock RMM is a comprehensive RMM product that is constantly being developed further and offers more functions from time to time.

Developed for managed service providers

Our development focus is on MSPs who can reliably support and monitor all their customers with NetLock RMM. Not an MSP? That's not a problem. The design covers most of the needs of internal IT.

Trusted vendor location

As development takes place exclusively in Germany, we strengthen trust in our users as a reliable and trustworthy vendor.

Professional support team 

If community support is not enough.
We offer professional advice and support.

Frequently asked questions
Can I build and modify NetLock RMM myself?

Yes, NetLock RMM is open source. Customization for your own use is allowed. Without a contract it is only not allowed to modify NetLock RMM and resell it. Using NetLock RMM as a service to monitor & manage your customers as an MSP, or internal IT department is of course allowed.

Can I host NetLock RMM myself?

Yes, you can provide NetLock as a cloud service or in offline environments. This means it can be used independently of the existing infrastructure.

Is there an out of the box solution?

Not everyone has the resources to maintain such a solution. We can do that for you. And the best thing is, the effort and costs for you are lower. To make it easier to get started, we offer a version that is easy to set up and can be used immediately. Includes code signing, easy update distribution & professional support.

Do you offer managed hosting? 

Yes, we take care of the provision with your domain, ensure regular backups and install necessary updates. The provision takes place exclusively in German data centers. Feel free to contact us.

Hi, I’m Nico

I love coding. Started 

Founder of NetLock RMM

27 years old

I am located in cologne

I have been programming since I was thirteen years old

I am a fan of IT security and love reverse engineering

NetLock legacy was born out of an idea during the coronavirus pandemic. With the increasing importance of working from home, I had the idea of offering virtual workstations for smaller companies. An antivirus and monitoring solution was needed to make it possible to manage the workstations, but neither the range of functions nor the prices of the well-known providers were convincing. That's why I started developing NetLock in 2021. With NetLock RMM I want to enrich the open source environment.

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NetLock RMM: The Open Source RMM to beat them all